Diplodocus: a majestic and formidable beast

augh omfg this brought up so many memories!!!

when i was a kid, i freaking loved dinosaurs. if you would like to picture my bedroom, imagine the bookshelf full of dinosaur books, the walls covered in dinosaur posters, a bucket of dinosaur toys, dinosaur models, i had a freaking blow-up giant stegosaurus, i subscribed to a dinosaur magazine and even collected dinosaur stamps. 

would you like to know what my favourite dinosaur was? diplodocus.

so here i was, this super-precocious hermione-esque kiddo who, at the age of seven, would respond with “palaeontologist,” when someone asked me what i wanted to be when i grew up (and this was before jurassic park because yes tumblr i am old and yes i did lose my shit when that movie came out, trust me) and when people asked what my favourite dinosaur was i couldn’t just go with the trendy dinos, it had to be: diplodocus.

i even had books dedicated entirely to this one dinosaur. looking back i can’t really remember what the draw was beyond it being (at the time, and maybe it still is, i don’t really uh keep up with palaeontological discoveries so) the biggest fucking dinosaur ever and maybe some part of my kid brain just loved that.

also it was a herbivore and supposedly really gentle, so it was like, me and diplodocus, we were tight. (i went vegetarian young as i am also lisa simpson-esque).

i also think it’s bigness appealed to me because, and i bet you will find this utterly shocking, i was relentlessly bullied as a kid due to my nerdliness and high grades, and i think part of me really enjoyed the idea that i had all this super awesome secret knowledge of giant dinosaur beasts that could hypothetically eat my bullies for supper.

so yeah right now i am all about the diplodocus love. <3

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