so i am doing online research for a bio blitz i am involved with happening next month, and i google “silverfish”. and the FIRST FUcking thing that comes up is “silverfish bites” and all these photos of people with massive nasty wounds.

and i’m alone in my apartment enraged and shouting “SILVERFISH DON’T BITE” at the top of my lungs.

don’t fuck with class insecta and spreading nasty rumours yo. i will straight up yell. poor silverfish, what slander.

also: people on the internet: who post excessively about how they were bit by a silverfish: you weren’t. it’s not a thing.

gangewifre don't slander insects!! entomology silverfish asshats

feeling like

kinda sick? or something? i had a really intense day yesterday symptom-wise and i want to go to this going-away party for a friend tonight. and i am going. i just feel off. i mean more off than usual. ehn.

i know the heat fucks with my stomach. and with my everything.

in other news i got a whole lot of kale today and that makes me happy.

gangewifre chronic illness kale is the best vegetable ME/CFS IBS